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COST - $67.77

~ 1.5 - 1.75 HOURS/WEBINAR


Note that these recordings are from a live class that took place in the winter of 2022. Those purchasing this self-paced version of the webinar will not have access to the private Facebook Group created for the live class (which is now dormant), yet are MOST invited to join Cornelis's amazing Facebook group called "Sheila's Grove".

An Invitation (through Cornelis Jan and Mare) from

the myriad beautiful Nature Spirits who were

behind this webinar!

I am so grateful I took on this "Invitation" as this webinar is a real game changer. It
opened loads of amazing gateways into other realms here on Earth. 
I honestly have never witnessed such an abundant sharing and caring as that which Mare and Cornelis offered. I experienced so much recognition and even more possibilities to dive deeper into the essence of nature. A person could replay,revisit and re-experience this webinar forever. 
S.S., The Netherlands

Visualize a stunning silver platter with a sparkly card sitting on it. This silver platter is being extended to you personally to invite you to pick up the sparkly card in the center. The card seems to have a subtle, subtle song to it. A song of Joy and Fun and Goodness. You feel drawn to this card since life has been rather challenging recently, and your instincts are telling you that you could definitely benefit from what you are sensing.

So you pick the card up and open it.

It is an Invitation from the Nature Spirit realms … and they want you to come Play with them and re-member what it was like to truly have fun!

Surely you want to accept this Invitation.   



(c) Asako Eguchi - Used by Permission

The Invitation for this webinar truly came from the Nature Spirits as they want us to join them in an enlightening and healing six-week webinar to help them, and us, and Mother Gaia, so that all of us can Love the New Earth in with Ease and Grace.


The Nature Spirit realms yearn for us to come back home to them and Mother Gaia. At one time humans used to be in close rapport with these sacred ones yet a schism happened thousands of years ago. They are quite eager for humans to learn more about them so that we can collectively co-create the New Earth – in a most beautiful way! 

There is so much knowledge these sacred, multidimensional beings want to convey to us humans. The first is that they actually EXIST, contrary to all the Fairy Tale books we read as young children.


The fairies and elves want to teach us about where they live. And how they work with light energy, along with the pixies and others. The dwarves want to share about their domains within the soil and crystal kingdoms?Gnomes have a particularly close connection with the human realms for a specific set of reasons. Even the maligned goblins have positive roles in the multi-dimensional realms!


All of these beautiful beings wish to cultivate a closer connection with us to enhance our gardens and the vitality of our plants and more, not to mention bringing healing energy into our entire life. And … they know how beautiful our New Earth will be when we fully manifest it, and wish to invite us into a glimpse of the joy and goodness that we will all be living within in the future.

Co-Led by Nature Spirit Mystic & Wizard Cornelis Jan Cuperus, and Gaia Mystic & High Priestess Mare Cromwell, this webinar will overflow with profound wisdom, fun, spiritual activations, ways to connect with the Nature Spirit realms and surprises – definitely profound surprises!

Feedback from the Nature Spirit Webinars that Cornelis & Mare have led.


"If you long to awaken your inner child and pierce the veil of ignorance - If you’re chasing joy and magical moments yet are running too fast with indifference - Come here and play with us who are laughing and dancing and praying with the Spirits."


Nova Scotia, Canada



"Feeling so grateful for this connection with the Nature Spirits that Cornelis Jan and Mare presented in such a fun spirited way! The deep wisdom and activations I received during this webinar surprisingly impacted my entire spiritual evolution. I am so much more in tune with the Nature Spirits realm and how we can work together helping the Ascension of the New Earth. Much love and gratitude!"


C.V., California


"I have never looked more forward to a class than the Nature Spirits Invitation program, and never had so much excitement reading a Facebook page as the one for the course. Thank you, Mare and Cornelis Jan, for sharing not only information about the Nature Spirits but also the spirit of the Nature Spirits. "

~ M.M.,


How This Webinar Has Been Created


An ever-growing group of Nature Spirits has stepped forward to help us co-create this Webinar. They have been spiritually coordinated by Cernunnos, a significant Nature Spirit deity and Manannan Mac Lir, another Celtic Deity who is the Guardian of Sacred Consciousness. This expanding group includes a host of different types of elves, centaurs, plant devas and more Nature Spirit friends.


Among them are auspicious ones such as the friendly earth-loving Ogre tribes, and the King of the Earthly Elements. The Unicorns have even requested that they be presented too, though they are not technically considered a Nature Spirit. We are certain that even more sacred ones will appear as the webinar approaches – who will be keen to share and offer us healing energies too.

More Background on the Nature Spirits


The Nature Spirit realms are a universe of ancient multi-dimensional beings unto themselves who have existed since the evolution of the very first cell on our Sacred Earth. They live right next to us yet exist at a higher spiritual frequency so most humans can’t see or feel them, or hear them. They are an integral vast community of beings who support Mother Gaia and all the biodiversity on our planet in quite significant ways.

For many centuries the realms of the fairies, elves, trolls and other Nature Spirits have been relegated to fairy tales and most of us were taught these beings are not real unfortunately. Most children with the gift of “seeing” and “hearing” were silenced by their parents and instructed “to not make up stories” when they mentioned the Nature Spirits around them. 


Sadly, the great majority of these children gradually lost their gifts and grew up into adults who wondered whether their experiences ever were truth. The Nature Spirits have been quite sad about this.


Perhaps you were one of these children? If so, the Nature Spirits are calling you home with their hearts and arms wide open!

(c) Asako Eguchi  - Used with Permission


For many, many thousand years our ancestors honored the existence of these sacred beings and collaborated with them in the growing of their gardens and creation of home remedies and crafts. There was a harmonious interweaving of community between the human and multi-dimensional realms which maintained a beautiful balance in each village and farmstead, with a few adventures mixed in for sure.

At this critical time in human history, with the current rising energies around the world, the Nature Spirits know it is time for the humans to connect with them. They are inviting us to open our awarenesses and hearts to them again so that the human realms can come back into the Wise Ways of sacred balance with the elemental communities to manifest the healing needed so greatly at this time.

The truth is that we humans cannot fully evolve into this New Earth until we reconnect with the Nature Spirits and their wisdom and gifts.

Will you accept this invitation to deeply expand your awareness and connection with the Nature Spirit Realms?  
Your life will be truly enhanced, if you do!